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Who doesn't love food? Driven by the popularity of TV food shows, new foodie capitals are becoming as well known for their culinary delights as much as their culture and other attractions attracting tourists from all over the world on Culinary Holidays. Puglia in Italy is a great spot to indulge in fresh local cuisine and Madrid is the perfect city to sample tapas whilst exploring the old town. And if you are a budding Michelin Star Chef, why not take in a cookery class on the Amalfi Coast?

Of Chocolates & Cheese
  • 7 nights
  • 8 days
Prices from AED 12,456
Food for your Soul
  • 4 nights
  • 5 days
Prices from AED 3,060
The Flavours of Greece
  • 8 nights
  • 9 days
Prices from AED 12,600
The Taste of Iran
  • 9 nights
  • 10 days
Prices from AED 13,600
The Taste of Thailand
  • 3 nights
  • 4 days
Prices from AED 3,966
A Symphony of Flavours
  • 10 nights
  • 11 days
Prices from AED 13,250
The Taste of Jordan
  • 5 nights
  • 6 days
Prices from AED 6,920